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          Digital Folder

          Digital Folder

          Digital Folder JZW
          Our digital folder is under CNC control, and can automatically perform various operations such as plate locating, clamping, folding, and slitting. This folding machine is a high-tech product that integrates advanced mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic technologies. It is suitable for use in steel constructions, and also can be used for plate metal folding operations in other industries.

          Main Components
          Jinggong digital folder mainly consists of stop gauge, upper and lower clamps, and panel turnover mechanism etc.

          Founded in 1968, Jinggong Science & Technology is a professional digital folder manufacturer and supplier in China. With our vast experience and highly trained staff, we now provide a wide range of steel structure machines, such as shot blasting machine, bending machine, slitting machine, and cut to length machine etc. Due to their high quality and reliability, our products have been ISO9000 and CE certified and are exported to the USA, Germany, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Australia, among others. For more product information, please feel free to contact us. Thanks!

          Technical Specifications for Digital Folder
          No. Item Unit Parameter Remark
          JZW650 JZW800 JZW1000
          1 Max. folding length mm 6500 8000 10000
          2 Throat depth mm 800
          3 Max. folding thickness Steel plate mm 1.5
          Soft aluminium plate mm 2.0
          Stainless steel mm 1.0
          4 Max. slitting thickness Steel plate mm 1.5
          Soft aluminium plate mm 2.0
          Stainless steel mm 1.0
          5 Max. folding angle degree 125
          6 Slitting speed m/min 40
          7 Total power KW 12
          8 Total weight Kg 4500 5400 6500
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