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          Drilling Machine

          Drilling Machine

          Drilling Machine JPZ160A
          Our drilling machine is of CNC control system, X, Y axis AC servo control and Z axis hydraulic feeding, so it realizes quick positioning and drilling. The drill has been awarded 2 patents of utility model, and is widely used for drilling of yoke plate and plate-like parts in steel constructions.

          Main Components
          Jinggong drilling machine mainly consists of lathe bed, mobile gantry, drilling head, convertible workstation, electric control system, hydraulic system, cooling system, and chip cleaner.

          Jinggong Science & Technology, a China drilling machine manufacturer and supplier, can provide a wide range of steel structure machines, such as shot blasting machine, bending machine, slitting machine, and cut to length machine etc. Our products are ISO9000 and CE certified, and are very popular in the USA, Cambodia, Algeria, Lebanon, Malaysia, and more. For more detailed product information, please browse our website or contact us directly.

          Technical Specifications for Drilling Machine
          No. Item Unit Parameter Remark
          1 Max. processing thickness of workpiece mm 80
          2 Max. processing size of workpiece mm One cardinal point: 1650x1000
          Two cardinal points: 1000x825
          Four cardinal points:825x500
          3 Max. drilling diameter mm Ф50
          4 Spindle speed r/min 130-400, stepless speed regulation
          5 Max. travel of spindle mm 180 (Cylinder feeding)
          6 No. of worktable grip cylinder 12
          7 Travelling speed of X, Y axle m/min 12
          8 Total power kw About 12
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